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Hello, my name is

Felipe Nipper

iOS Software Engineer

I'm passionate about crafting innovative digital experiences.


About me

My journey in app development began in 2020 when I started my studies in Software Engineering at PUCRS. The program's strong curriculum and focus on agile methodologies provided a solid foundation in programming and software development, sparking my passion for app development.


In 2021, I joined the Apple Developer Academy, where I worked on several projects and gained a deep understanding of Apple's development ecosystem. This experience was crucial in shaping my skills. In 2022, I had the honor of winning the prestigious WWDC22 Swift Student Challenge, an annual competition by Apple that celebrates innovative student developers worldwide.


I graduated from PUCRS in 2024. Throughout my journey, I independently developed several apps, which are showcased on this website. Currently, I work at a software consulting company, where I continue to refine my skills and contribute to various innovative projects.

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Technical Skills

I have over three years of comprehensive knowledge and experience with Swift, and I have deployed and maintained over 10 apps on the App Store. I have developed apps using a range of architectural patterns such as MV and MVVM and have worked extensively with agile methodologies to ensure efficient project management and delivery.

My expertise includes a deep understanding of Apple technologies like SwiftUI, CloudKit, Combine, UIKit, StoreKit, and other Apple frameworks. Additionally, I have experience with machine learning using CoreML and CreateML, data management with Core Data and SwiftData, and game development with SpriteKit.

My skills also encompass creating continuous integration and delivery pipelines, unit and UI testing with the XCTest framework, as well as UI/UX design.


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